Programm Juni 2018

Fr 22.06.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Subhumans (Punkrock, UK)
support: Eat the Bitch (Punkrock, HH)

Die Subhumans gründeten sich 1980 und sind mit Crass und Conflict eine der wichtigsten Bands der britischen Anarcho/Peace-Punk Bewegung.

1983 gründete die Band Bluurg Records, wo sie ihre Aufnahmen bis heute selbst veröffentlicht.

Nach zahlreichen Tourneen in den USA und Europa lösten sich Subhumans 1985 auf, um fast in der selben Besetzung als Citizen Fish zu spielen. Seit der Subhumans Reunion im Jahr 1998 spielen sie in beiden Bands parallel, oft auch zusammen auf Festivals. Die Subhumans tourten seitdem in the USA, Europa, Australien und Neuseeland und veröffentlichten ihr neues Album "Internal Riot".

Dick Lucas' intelligente Texte prägen die politische Ausrichtung der Band, wobei er in seinen Songs nicht nur dazu aufruft, gegen die sozialen und politischen Mißstände zu wüten sondern auch dazu, sie zu verbessern.

Subhumans-Aufnäher schmücken bis heute die Jacken der Punks auf der ganzen Welt. Die Queens of the Stone Age coverten 2004 auf Ihrer EP den Subhumans Klassiker "Wake up Screaming" und die Regisseurin Asia Argento (Tochter von Dario Argento) hat die Musik der Subhumans in ihrem Film "The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things" verwendet.

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Sa 23.06.2018
Hafenklang | Party

"Destination: Kingston" Massaya Soundsystem (HH) //
HAFENKLANG // Reggae, Dancehall, HipHop, Ska, Dub*

*Samstag 23.06.2018 "Destination: Kingston" Massaya Soundsystem (HH) //
HAFENKLANG // Reggae, Dancehall, HipHop, Ska, Dub*

Ende Juni ist es wieder so weit: nach über drei Monaten Pause ist
"Destination: Kingston" zurück im Hafenklang. Da dies gleichzeitig auch
die letzte Auflage von "Destination: Kingston" vor einer fast ebenso
langen Sommerpause ist, sollte man diese Gelegenheit auf keinen Fall
verpassen, wenn es endlich wieder einmal heisst: Massaya Sound all night

Wenn das Massaya Soundsystem im Hafenklang aufspielt, kommen Reggae &
Dancehallfans aus ganz Norddeutschland um die besten Produktionen aus
Kingston, New York, London und Hamburg zu hören.

Bevor Massaya die Bühne übernehmen, beginnt der Abend diesmal mit einem
Gastspiel der Hamburgerin Cathrin Clash, die vielen auch als Teil des
Inna Zion Soundsystem bekannt ist. Sie wird den Abend mit einigen
Schätzen aus ihrer Vinylsammlung gebührend einläuten.

Wie üblich liegt der musikalische Fokus auf karibischer, basslastiger
Offbeatmusik. Von Reggae und Ska bis zu den neuesten Dancehall
Produktionen reicht das Spektrum – gewürzt mit einer Prise HipHop,
Afrobeats und Soca: *Satisfaction Guaranteed!*

*Samstag 23.06.2018 "Destination: Kingston" *

*Massaya Soundsystem (HH)*

Warmup by:
*Cathrin Clash (Inna Zion)*

*Reggae, Dancehall, HipHop, Ska, Dub*


Große Elbstraße 84

22767 Hamburg

*Einlaß: 23:30*

*Eintritt: 6,- * <

Open: 23:30
Mo 25.06.2018
Goldener Salon

Punkerstammtisch - Tischtennis-Rundlauf

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Start: 21:00
Di 26.06.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Nihiloxica (Afrofuturism, Electronic Worldmusic, Uganda)

Dieses Projekt wird aus den Mitteln des Bezirksamtes Altona gefördert.

Nihiloxica is the sound of the Ugandan / Bugandan tribal regions and suburbs mixed with the dark side of the European underground dance floor; the result of UK producers Spooky-J and pq corrupting Ugandan indigenous Nilotica Cultural Ensemble. The result is a glimpse of the dark side, off the back of interwoven tribal drums, pounding you to the zone and back.

Forget the Western interest in African reissues of older (nonetheless worthy) gems, Nihiloxica offers a gateway into the current East African centres of innovation. Anticipation is building toward a full length follow up to their Resident Advisor / FACT / Tiny Mix Tapes / NTS praised debut EP out on Nyege Nyege Tapes prior to full upcoming European June / July tour dates and blowing minds at festivals this summer.

There really is nothing else like this out there right now.

Nihiloxica received massive tribute across 2017 end of year lists.
They were heralded as a highlight at CTM in Berlin this February, their first European show ever.

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Goldener Salon | Konzert

Reggae Workers of the World (NYC)

Vic Ruggiero knows some pretty interesting artists, and this summer he is conducting an exciting musical venture!

Vic sought out Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites and Nicolas Leonard of The Caroloregians & The Moon Invaders for a recording session last summer in Belgium. While on the road last year, between a busy Slackers‘ schedule and his own solo gigs, he began to think of a way to work with two of his favorite modern musicians—singer, Jesse Wagner, and drummer Nicolas Leonard—and how a collaboration with both could be made possible.

In June 2013, Jesse & Vic ventured across the globe to meet for a short series of shows in Oahu, Hawaii. As the natural course of learning to play and sing together proceeded they began to find an intriguing repertoire. During one short week, they harmonized on everything from a ska and calypso standards like "Shame & Scandal” to early rock n roll hits of The Everly Brothers and The Beatles .

A request from the audience for The Righteous Brothers took both singers and the crowd by surprise when they found it worked perfectly. It’s obvious the two singers share an unequivocal reverence for reggae, rhythm n‘ blues and rock n‘ roll classics, (and the sentiments sung and the styles which they impart). Hearing Vic and Jesse sing their favorites in sweet two part harmony sounded damn good. As lead singers and master harmonizers both this rare duo makes possible a wide array of styles; soul, rhythm & blues, ska, reggae and rock n‘ roll.

It’s this range of possibilities that neither Vic nor Jesse seem deliver with such ease even in their respective bands or as separate solo acts. Enter Nico Leonard; in November 2013, with Nico at the recording desk, he and Vic recorded 4 songs at his Pum Pum Hotel recording studio in just a few spare hours.

Nico has played in two touring bands–The Caroloregians & The Moon Invaders–simultaneously for over a decade and produced a dozen records of all styles.

As busy working drummer he’s played everything from ska and skinhead reggae to surf, garage rock and rare exotica 60’s beats, and he’s produced other artists of the same wide variety. He is widely respected for a breadth of skill as a drummer and producer/engineer which fits the stylistic latitude of this group perfectly. Vic plans to remain in Europe at the end of this summer’s Slacker’s tour. Vic, Jesse & Nico will meet at the Pum Pum Hotel Recording Studio, in Charleroi, Belgium. It is a strictly analog studio that uses tape machines and vintage gear. They will make it their headquarters to rehearse, record and play a short run of gigs in nearby cities. The trio will have Vic on bass, Jesse on the guitar, and Nico on drums; a small band that can cover a lot of musical ground . Vic also plays keyboard, harmonica and accordion too, all of which might make a cameo. Vic says, "Other than working to build good rhythms. The next job will be to learn some originals! Both Jesse and I have new songs… Teaching each other songs will be the real treat of this entire project" and we hope will lay groundwork for future collaboration.

Now, 5 years later they are ready to release their 2nd Album and will do a short tour throughout Germany and some surrounding countries.

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Mi 27.06.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Hard-Ons (Punkrock, Australia)
+ Bolanow Brawl (Punkrock, Hamburg)


Still absolutely buoyant from their 30th anniversary tour AND the world-wide release of their best album-to-date "Peel Me Like A Egg”, Sydney’s colourful rocking identities THE HARD-ONS come bearing good news for music lovers and sports fans alike. 2017 will see the Hard-ons shrug off their recent misfortune, whereby their January 2016 tour of Japan was sadly aborted for health reasons, and hit the stage again. This time, the Hard-ons will be a FOUR-PIECE again, with original vocalist/drummer Keish "Velvet Fog” de Silva permanently returning to the fold as frontman!
This explosive yet deeply melodic line-up of one of Australia’s most unique and action-packed rock and roll bands will perform a set bristling with both beauty and brutality, as they explore their vast back catalogue, and more importantly, introduce new material that has only just been hammered brilliantly into shape by this incarnation!
Every show promises to be a special affair, as the expanded, new, and revitalised Hard-ons flex their considerable and charismatic musical muscle: to sum up, nothing and everything has changed. Hard-ons: Very exciting as ever, but a little bit better.

The Bolanow Brawl

Gegründet 2012 in Hamburg. Melodischer, rotziger Streetpunk irgendwo zwischen Oxymoron, Swingin' Utters und The Clash. Prost!

Die 5-köpfige Gruppe um die Punk-Band, bei der sich viel um Feierei und durchzechte Nächte dreht, bringt ein gute Mischung aus hymnischem Streetpunk mit eingestreuten Singalongs und Backgroundchören sowie klassischem Oi-Sound auf die Bühne und wird damit den richtigen Nerv
treffen können.

Supported by JEVER LIVE

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 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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Do 28.06.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Das Konzert mit SHREDDERS wurde leider abgesagt!!

Goldener Salon | Konzert

BOSTON MANOR (Pop-Punk, Blackpool/UK)
+ MODERN VISION (melodic HC, Hamburg)

Blackpool’s Boston Manor formed in 2013 and, in two short years, worked their way to signing with renowned US indie label Pure Noise Records, worldwide. Pure Noise owner Jake Round explains: "When I first heard Boston Manor's ‘Saudade’ EP I immediately wanted to work with them. The band walks the line between emo, indie and punk rock and offers something for a lot of different listeners. I think they're a great fit for Pure Noise and I'm very excited about their future here.” ‘Saudade’ is set for release on 20th November, 2015 and the band’s debut full length is expected at some point in 2016.
Building a name for themselves with their modern day emotive punk anthems, Boston Manor have toured and played shows with the likes of Moose Blood, Creeper, Citizen, Me Vs Hero and As It Is and are set to become one of the stand-out gems in the UK’s burgeoning rock scene. They previously self-released their debut EP ‘Here/Now’ in 2013 as well as a Split EP with Throwing Stuff. In 2014 they released their second EP ‘Driftwood’ via Failure By Design Records. The band write, produce and film all their own music videos, meaning that they are always meaningful visual representations of their songs. They’ve had videos played on Kerrang! TV and Scuzz TV and singles have also picked up plays on Kerrang! Radio and the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.
Boston Manor spent 2015 touring with the likes of Moose Blood, As It Is, This Wild Life, Forever Came Calling and playing festivals like 2,000 Trees, intent on bringing their show to as many eager ears as possible. Also runs supporting Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! along with Trash Boat in December.
And continuing their diligence on the road 2016 will be no exception with a tour supporting Knuckle Puck throughout the UK and Europe now in progress and Slam Dunk Festival appearances plotted so far, as well as a forthcoming stint in the US on the Pure Noise Tour with Hit The Lights, Seaway, Can’t Swim and Casey Bolles in April / May.

MODERN VISION is a new Melodic-Hardcore Band with ex-members of the bands LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR und COYOTES delivering the sound to the highs & lows in life with influences from Pop Punk to Post Hardcore.

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Fr 29.06.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

The Baboon Show (Swe)
Radio Rebelde Tour 2018

Support:Zero Zero(Swe)


Am 16. Februar 2018 erscheint mit RADIO REBELDE das 8.
Studioalbum von THE BABOON SHOW auf Kidnap Music. 2003 in Stockholm gegründet, hat die Band es in den letzten Jahren dank großartiger Veröffentlichungen und noch beispielloseren Live-Shows geschafft, Presse, Kolleg*innen und Hörer*innen gleichermaßen umzuhauen.

Und das neue Album RADIO REBELDE bringt alles mit, die bisherige Entwicklung von THE BABOON SHOW zu krönen.

Nach unzähligen Konzerten und Touren durch Deutschland, Spanien, Kuba und Italien, egal ob als Support für DIE TOTEN HOSEN, BROILERS oder als Headliner auf der eigenen Clubtour, die Band zählt mit Fug und Recht zu einem der spannendsten Live Acts Europas und diese ,Naturgewalt" findet sich auf RADIO REBELDE wieder.

Das wiederum von PELLE GUNNERFELDT (The Hives, Randy) produzierte Album steckt voller Hingabe und Schweiß und zeigt eine deutliche Weiterentwicklung der Band, ohne die eigenen Trademarks in Sound und Songwriting zu verwässern.

Große Grooves, starke Refrains und eine Produktion, die auch nach mehrmaligen Durchgängen immer wieder überraschende Details preisgibt.

Die Zeichen stehen gut für THE BABOON SHOW und RADIO REBELDE!

Tickets bei Tante Guerilla:

Eintritt: 20.00 € | Eintritt VVK: 16.00 €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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Sa 30.06.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Distorted Pony (Noise/Punk, US) / Cani Sciorri / Potato Fritz

Das DISTORTED PONY aus Kalifornien springt wieder! Höher und weiter als Anfang der 90er!!
Dies mal sogar in EUROPA!!!
Wie das geht, zeigt uns eine der besten Noiserockfomationen dieser Welt an diesem Abend.

Krachtechnisch ausgereift, aber jederzeit lernwillig geben uns vorweg CANI SCIORRI aus Italien und POTATO FRITZ aus Hamburg die Sporen!

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 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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